the house of upcycling

In 2014, whilst running her eco interiors style and workshop consultancy Eco Chic Interiors, Chris Billinghurst discovered a hidden movement of artisans creating unique items for interiors in a planet positive way. Using Twitter to build awareness of her business and create a directory of professional upcyclers to support Eco Chic Interiors projects, Chris unearthed a wealth of creative reuse artists who weren't part of a professional craft group, who often felt isolated with no support or community voice and with no platform where they could network with their peers. Professional upcycling was misunderstood, its image did not encourage people to want to try it or buy it. So one Tuesday evening in September 2014, Chris launched the Twitter hour #UpcycledHour and went on to establish a new community of artisans together with the elevation of the status and standards of professional upcycling.

#UpcycledHour soon developed beyond its humble beginnings and in 2019 became The House of Upcycling. The House of Upcycling offers a unique professional membership and has not only worked with design organisations of renown including the KLC School of Design, but also taken part in a range of national events including the Handmade Festival, London Upcycling Show, House & Garden Festival and Grand Designs Live in London and Birmingham. Member artisans have appeared in the media, on television and radio and regularly work alongside professional interior designers. In 2020 the BIID (the British Institute of Interior Design) welcomed HoU as an Industry Partner and with the development of mentorship programs and increase in membership numbers, The House of Upcycling has now launched a separate site for The Directory of Upcyclers, providing the most comprehensive resource for professional upcycling for interiors to date.